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What are Ruby arrays, anyway?
Ruby arrays are basically lists of strings, integers, hash, or even other arrays. These items you find in arrays are called objects, or elements. The elements would also be enclosed inside two square brackets ([ ]). Arrays can be manipulated with array methods, which allow us…

What does the resources macro do for you when you use it to define routes?

First of all, what is a macro?

A macro is a method that when called, creates methods for you. —

AND secondly, What are routes!?

Every time a person clicks on a link, types…

I will be blogging about nested resourcesand omniauth.

I have completed the third Flatiron project, which was built using the Ruby on Rails framework. Among the requirements of the project were nested resourcesand omniauth.

Nested Resources
What are nested resources?

Well, for starters, nested resources make life easier for everybody…

So, I’ve made it to the second Flatiron project. I am going to build a CRUD, MVC app using Sinatra. The project requires:

  1. ActiveRecord with Sinatra.
  2. Multiple models.
  3. At least one has_many relationship on a User model and one belongs_to relationship on another model.
  4. User accounts — users must be…

  • What do ActiveRecord validations do and when are they called (.create, .save, .update, etc)?

What are Active Record validations?

First of all validations protect the database from pesky errors, or bad data. AR validations will be checked when adding or updating data through Ruby/Rails

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The following is…

One of the best ways to learn a language is to be okay with failing at it multiple times.

— me.

I am building a single page application with a Javascript frontend and a Ruby on Rails API backend. …

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